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New technology,
better result

A new breed of predictive analytics software has arrived. Using Machine Learning, predictive models are quicker to build, quicker to implement, and more powerful than ever before.

Machine Learning is everywhere

Leading companies in many industries already use data analysis driven by machine learning. Machine learning selects your next streaming movie or song. Hedge funds use it for automated trading. It’s the decision engine in driverless vehicles, and the face-finder for digital cameras.

Machine Learning breakthroughs for insurance data

Our science team worked for years to perfect machine learning algorithms specifically designed to identify patterns unique to insurance data. Our algorithm specializes in finding fully-credible, stable patterns offering unprecedented accuracy compared to traditional actuarial and data mining methods.

Talon® Software

EagleEye Talon® Predictive Analytics software uses the phenomenal power of the IsTree algorithm to solve insurance problems: Finding the best customers, out-segmenting the competition in pricing and underwriting, effectively managing claims and reducing expenses enterprise-wide.

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