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Profit or growth?

The insurance industry is dominated by the same commoditized and traditional analytics methods.

A stalemate exists where profitable growth is hard to find and even harder to sustain.

Technology advances analytics

Market leaders in many industries use data analysis driven by machine learning. Machine learning selects your next streaming movie or song. Hedge funds use it for automated trading. It’s the decision engine in driverless vehicles. By adopting machine learning, insurers can break the profit vs. growth deadlock.

Mathematical innovation brings profitable growth

The culmination of years of research and development by data scientists with long careers in insurance – tested with hundreds of insurance data sets – Talon is machine learning re-built and re-imagined for the insurance industry. The resulting advances in predictive accuracy are the key to game-changing profitable growth for insurance companies.

Talon Machine
Learning Software

The results are being used in all major areas carriers need to compete: Finding the best customers, out-segmenting the competition in pricing and underwriting, effectively managing claims and reducing expenses enterprise wide.

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