EagleEye’s software suite, Talon™, offers insurance carriers a far greater level of analytics precision than is attainable via traditional methods. This deeper and more accurate level of data analysis is attained through the application of machine learning to a carrier’s data. Talon’s powerful components enable an insurance carrier to quickly develop models that provide deep insight into their book of business.  Talon combines robust functionality with ease of use, enabling a carrier’s analytics team to develop models internally, thus embedding the use of Talon into already-existing analytics processes.

Our Software Products

Talon Analysis Studio

The Talon™ Analysis Studio is a Software-as-a-Service predictive analytics model-building platform that allows for extremely quick data-loading and analysis runs.  The integrated components provide carriers’ analytical staff access to flexible modeling scenarios and advanced modeling tools.

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Talon Management Studio

EagleEye’s Talon™ Management Studio provides a lens through which nonanalytical staff can easily grasp, implement and manage even the most technical results produced by Talon.

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RTSS Real Time Scoring Service

Our Real-Time Scoring Service gives our clients the knowledge necessary to make high-impact decisions with ease by providing a simple, easy-to-understand 3-digit directional score defining a course of action at the exact point in time when the decision needs to be made.

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